Poem-Into the place where god meets his disciples

Into the place where the god meets his disciples

Where I see all the colors mingled in the same white

I see the black

I see the white

All the lotuses floating in the same water

Some yet to bloom

Some yet tuning the rhythms of life

And just engulfed by the sparkles of the twinkling

But only I see truth smiles to its fullest

So that all dark meets the same light

And all light meets the same sun

Tired and exhausted all set for the final step

Before they become a part of him

To forgive the sin

And to forget the anger

I see the heart speaks to its fulls honesty

And mind speaks to its full honesty

Where the truth has not lost its way

Into the faces of the rainbow

Where the bell vibrates to its loudest

Answering the blessings

God walking to left of me

Just in front and all around me

Paving my way away from darkness

Away from air, away from water

Then I see the human of me

Just walking in front of me

Where the wisdom stretches above the clouds

On to the stars where the gold and silver lie

And so all the questions vanish in zenith

Into the place where god meets his disciples


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