The sublime grace on the bicycle

The bumps of the roads weren’t worrisome but the black topped pitch were monotonous and seemed like they had forgotten to take a steep turn. I was speeding thorough a 8 km long rectilinear road before reaching Agaihiya, a small stoppage in between Kusum and Kohalpur of West Nepal. The green forest flying past my window with heavy armored tank like 4 wheeler booming the highways tracks were nothing new to my visuals. It seemed like the script of the movies in our part of the world with a villain , a hero to save the heroine and happily ever after.

But suddenly things took a interesting turn a group a young ladies flew past the  window with bicycle full of green grass and leaves. The sublime grace was evident in the first sight. Neatly kept hair, a light makeup, a clip keeping the hair intact ,just a little hair coming over to the forehead, few colorful bangles, a simple neck piece and above it all the hurry to reach home was overpoweringly projected in the canvas.

Upon my return the same road back to Nepalgunj, a major city of West Nepal, my eyes feel on the bunch of ladies on the bicycle with study materials on their back, with neat college and school dresses. Some of them were also dressed in their casual wears. The two description speaks volumes of the harsh reality of prevalent inequality even among the female population of my country but thinking optimistically I think neatly dressed college and school going girls were a significant reflection of the changing scenario.

But besides the social aspect of things as young fellow what I noticed in particular was simple grace that the ladies carried with them. One of colleagues at the office shared with me that girls look sublime when they come down an escalator and yes, they do, but i will have to add that the aura of a grace increases that much more in the suburban and rural parts.

The mesmerizing grace at the end of the day may be just a mere reflection of toil, tears and blood in some less fortunate parts of my country but to me they some rainbow ladies who have seen different colors of what is called “life”.


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