A glimpse of the Shangrila

I had traveled some 400 kilometers through the length and breadth of two prominent districts of west Nepal just before the sun called it a day. On the day as our four-wheeler hustled and  bustled through prime market locations of Nepalgunj my eyes scanned through each of acts on display. The talkative tea shops, brightly lit jewellery shops, hardworking sage like rickshaw operators, champion businessmen who had no time to pay attention to new face in town,street smart hawkers who could possibly win an Imageapprenticeship in New York’s trump tower, neat utensil shops, temples and mosques, heavily decorated Manhattan like tall structures being sold for upcoming Muslim  festivity,hotel on wheels, sweet shops, some window shopper ladies and their quarrelsome little once, festival laden  electric shops with mesmerizing lights on display are possibly the most notable visuals that struck my memory.

As the day’s activities were coming to close my eagerness to go back home was all time high. But it felt that in the past three days of travel I had developed a romantic attachment to insignificant and abstract aspects of the city which I called a holy love. Suddenly the roads were much more familiar and so were the faces and it was sad to have left them when they were beginning to embrace me with open arms. I believe it was selfish on my part to have thought so as I had taken my mother completely out of the pictures who was waiting for me to come back home.

Although my little love story had a sad demise but as eternal optimist I cherished the positives. Back  in school one of my friend had graced me with her part of positivism and I guess I repay it back with every act of optimism. As the plane took to the skies at 5:31 pm this evening it was confronted with gust of wind and think layer of cloud. After fifteen minutes in the air the plane was above the clouds into the sea of tranquility. The cloud was below me and I felt like playing a part in some mythological Indian serials. Suddenly the sky was purple and had mixtures of violet, orange, brown, light red just above the horizon which made me wonder whether I could interpret them onto my canvas.

The visuals out of the window continued for next 30 minutes. It was a glimpse into the  Shangrila and suddenly the thoughts had lost it ways and felt like an enlightened one with no desire, without containment in promises and responsibilities, no anger and self earned ego, no likes no dislikes, no commitments, no aspirations , no dreams, no jealously , no action to equal and opposite actions, nothing to lose nothing to gain simply meditative.

The journey could not have a better ending than this. let me live happily ever after.


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