Salvaging self pride

Today I happen to turn the pages of my office diary not because that I miss office. But tomorrow will turn out to be one long day as I return to desk work after five days of field work.  The top left of the page that I turned read 2012,November, Thursday, 22  which reminded me that I had come across a rather simple looking, small eyed, appearing to be in his late forties, approximately 4 feet 6 inches tall fellow from Mainapokhar of Bardiya district in west Nepal. A pair of glasses in his shirt pocket was indicative of his long sightedness.

 We were on schedule and the clock had just ticked nine. We had stopped by to grab some breakfast. Luckily we had luxury of accessing some fresh donuts and cup of tea in rather small glass cup. I had nothing to complain about the glass though. The shop owner seemed to have great start to his day as shop was jam packed, thanks to some other stop by travelers. It was during this time that I happen meet the guy he too was sipping his morning tea. Although we were complete strangers to each other until that moment but he gave me a frown and went in nearby shop to deposit some cash. The shop was an outlet to a branch-less banking service operated through mobile phone. Upon completion of his cash deposit we happen to chat and what struck me most was his simple logic to life and humility of an enlightened sage. He had been running a photo studio for the past 19 years and in his own little world was a champion businessmen. He seemed quite satisfied with his little business. He shared with me that he has been making savings through the branch banking service. While he shared about his savings a resounding sound of self pride echoed in my ears.

Self pride has long standing relations with Nepalese way of life. Our brave forefathers paid with their lives to purchase self pride. But in today’s context the core values of the Nepalese sentiment has eroded and embezzled at the hands of by our self earned slavery to invisible foreign masters. The photo studio owner suddenly made me rethink about status of self pride.

Often lack of resources to seek once dream can be a great opportunity to achieve par excellence but at the same time the situation comes with compromises attached and that is where thin line between salvaging self pride and surrendering becomes magnified. We have thousands of reason to defend our every instances of lost self pride. Since that moment I began to wonder  of all the compromises that I am having to make to salvage self pride. Compromise as the word suggests is always fiercely uncompromising and camouflaged as practical and innovative ladder to success. But the question is how practical and innovative can we be.


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