The tale of the candle, the liberty and the sacrifice

A candle’s lit by my side and the transistor adds to that romance of the yellow light on a wax structure with some station tuning to some country song. There is something about the country song, the candle and peaceful evening, a tripartite agreement bringing with it calm , patience and moreover hope.    

I have never been in person to witness the statue of liberty but the candle by my side is merely more than its souvenir. A long standing power crisis in the country has hurt my nation like never before. The power crisis is a reflection of all that’s not visionary, not thoughtful and quite valiantly regressive. The candle’s just an emancipation of the frustration and signifies the freedom, “the liberty torch”, from long standing darkness.

Like all South Asians we are all eternal optimist that’s why we complain less and soon forget them to get on with daily choirs. May be we are so much engrossed in the tragic relations of the bread and stomach like that of the Romeo and Juliet and in unrelenting quest for long lasting peaceful settlement that is “happily ever after” we just get on. Long live my freedom! long live my democracy!!, even I have no such complains.

Optimistically the candle allows me to be inspired instead and be liberated of all my fears, tears and anguish so that I wake up to a fearless and enlightening sun the day after. In the meantime the candle has grown shorter my few centimeters. Wow! How sacrificing how giving like your and my mother as it burns itself down to my cause.

The candle might just have been that enlightened one embodying sparks of freedom in the sights of all the great men of times as they gathered to jot down the destiny of mine and yours and the great nation in the making. The tale of the candle, liberty and the sacrifice lives on but now it’s time to turn on some lights.



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