All about the hero and a poetic dedication

As I returned back from office this evening my television set had some heart touching visual in store. As I was flipping over the channels with the remote control device on my right hand and a large mug of tea on the other visuals of Pushpa Basnet, the CNN hero of the Year,2012 was being re-telecast and almost all the Nepalese news channels whose often over hyped and theatrical way of interpreting the inherent description of day’s story had Pushpa Basnet’s moment of pride, the back story, the toil, her tears,her rainy days,omnipresent confidence and undulating attachment to her core values were being covered.

In a way the story was also shy of relief to the onlookers who had declared separation from the news stories that had politics written all over it. Pushpa story’s is no more to any subservient to any description whether it may be vocal or written. But on the hindsight she had just sparked and rekindled hope,optimism and self belief among an entire generation of Nepalese, whose sometimes rather sophisticated idea about the opportunities among all the  supposed hopelessness of the place  were being proven wrong. 

One of my sporting heroes had once said that “keep working hard, dream do come true” and they perspired from all possible corners for the lady from Kathmandu. Once in a while I often make an attempt to describe people’s faces and the slightest possible emotions projected. But when it comes to describing a sense of pride and attainment it becomes that much more interesting and challenging. Few days back while I was interpreting a photograph I had written that contemplating a lady’s emotions  are like the thrills of her supposedly new dress with contrasts which as I now think stands true. May be when Pushpa’s names was declared by the celebrated news presenter Anderson Cooper she had all her back story rewind and enthralled by the magnanimity of what had just transpired. The honorable tears were a witness and her subsequent answer to all those demotivating, congesting and deconstructive words of the mouth of the status quoits and unadventurous brand of people. Her shabby look had  no temporal relation with the award but it was simplicity personified , true beauty simplified. Sometimes  when words flow out of respect and deep seated honor they don’t get constricted with a constructed grammar but spill along the poetic lines that summarizes the hero

Let my smile live longer than me

But today allow the tears to flow down my veins

Let me the hold the memento in my hand 

But today allow my dreams to roll down the narrow lanes  

Among all the atrocities of time

It seems me was the one forgotten

Let me hold me in me in my arms

It feels I wasn’t the one mistaken

Allow me to cradle my emotions

for they were the uninvited ones

Allow me to swing my arms

for they were overjoyed ones

Among all the sounds of clap

Allow me thank my rainy days

Among all the stories to success

Allow me to thank the furious rage





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