Everyday you and I become witness to lot of things around us.

We tend to notice some of them and I don’t quite remember many of those things that I have been witness to. May be because I am unwilling to speak about it, I don’t associate myself with the cause, I am not worried about it as I am engulfed by the problems of my own and interestingly there are also those instances which strike me and I feel that I cannot do anything about it. I believe its the latter thing that separates some extraordinary individuals from the once perceived as common man, like many of us, wanting to play safe, fearful, supposedly tactful and preoccupied by our atrocities to time. Getting to the point we choose to remain silent about those problems and remain quiet. The candle in the pictures is in a way sarcasm and representative of all those things that we once choose to remain silent about including the things that you could not say to your love during a candle light date.


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