The Rural Superstore-East diaries

Today has been a rather testing day as far as my patience is concerned. A six hours of delayed flight to Biratnagar (A city of East Nepal) from Kathmandu required some meditative composure and undulating faith of  a spiritual one to pass through it. But however, six hours of wait were not as uninteresting and gloomy as a weeping cloudy day. It had its bits of sun shine in form of some pretty faces that I took notice off during my wait to board the flight. Among those pretty faces one of the lady who was in the lounge too waiting to board the plane seemed familiar. It just sounds like one rotten trick of breaking the ice, ” Have we met before?” ,but unfortunately  I am not quite the hero or the super dude to have used that line. As I unfocused my attention from her I was witnessing some anxious, some angry, some inquisitive and some quarrelsome faces as  result of series of delayed flight. Thinking back I don’t know which of these emotions best described my state of mind then. 

Focusing my attention back to girl again what I noticed was a shuttle calm and relaxed attitude of her towards a rather uncanny situation. She was taking bites off a lovely red apple by then and was engrossed in reading a book. ‘Unfortunately’ my flight took off at 11:40 am and I gave her one last look as probably I was giving my eyes one last opportunity to grace the sight. 

In the plane I just felt that my titanic had untimely met its iceberg as Jack had not had a conversation with Rose. The plane ride also did not end without drama bit of turbulence first, the heavenly look of the mountains as if each mountain was boasting of it height but yet displaying the humility of the person who had seen it all. Wow they certainly have their place in the heavens and I felt that they do meet the gods quite often.

Leaving behind my little and one sided love story I soon landed in Biratnagar. The road heading from Biratnagar airport to Itahari quite surprisingly did not have ladies on the bicycle but they had bikers instead. I just thought that may be the place just progressed and went un-green because the overpowering innovations of modern world are very enticing. But at the same I thought that those girls on the scooters that passed my vehicle must have once been the bicycle riders a year back when I last visited. We then headed for Laukahi, a small town in Sunsari district. What I witnessed in Laukahi was not something new, a Haat bazzar, which is a periodic market day for the local consumers conducted only on Monday and Tuesday. It was a bustling marketplace,some  busy selling clothes, some daily commodities, some utensils, some fast food and so on. For a urban dweller  the sight was pleasing and interesting but for the locals it was a way of life a place where they had to come to get daily supplies fulfilled. May be I was free of all those compulsions of having to purchase my requirements on a scheduled day only so the sight was just an interesting piece of situation to be in. But for the locals it a superstore, a rural superstore, which was devoid of all those fancy elevators, escalators, reflective floors, pretty looking attendants,Credit card payment facilities, well organised and well arranged stations of different varieties of material. Comparing the two may be unjust but for me the rural superstore was more lively, bustling, interactive and most important of all its ability to cater to all the needs of a common man was commendable. The superstore was a melting bowl where all those needs had met their end where all the hard earned paper money had met their honor and pride. 


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