The defiant

I was wondering what title should I be giving to this painting. The first word that struck my mind is defiant. Her rather big eyes seems revolutionary. These days in the chilling hours of the morning Kathmandu I come across a lot of Ladies in scooters with their faces masked in mufflers and mostly a pair of dark glasses covering their inspiring eyes. I will have admit that they look lovely but to me they also look revolutionary which may be associated to years of struggle that these ladies have gone through. In fact each they fight small battle against their presumed status of being housewives as they set out for their office works. I do not know the back story behind every one those ladies proudly riding on a scooter but what I can suppose is that although they may not have had faced that much of restrictions or limitations that used to exist even decade back but I am pretty sure they do get asked “where are you going?” or “when will you return?”. The questions get even more interesting when it gets asked by her small brother or any of their male members of the family who are smaller to her age. So I feel that the ladies in the scooter every time resemble a war hero as they proudly ride their vehicle in the streets of the capital city almost a victory march, almost a celebratory ride. May be my new found respects for the ladies in scooters ,in coats, boots and fancy jackets comes from my deepest respect to my mother who is a single mother ,who handles the house alone like a field commander of an army. My salute to all those ladies.


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