Let the hope overcome our fears-the eve story

The eve of every passing year always has that element of excitement, joy and mixed feeling about the year that we are bidding farewell to.  Mixed feeling, because we lay at the juncture of such an honorable transition, that redefined and magnified our perspective and deep seated emotions for last 365 days.   

She was unknown to me when I last witnessed her on January 1st, 2012.  Unpredictability it was, the very core character of time that kept me guessing about the events that were to unfold. Since the past one week the television channels, newspaper, radio stations have been kept busy with a look back at the prominent events of the year 2012. But as I was retuning back from office this evening I went to a bit of a flashback and and quickly scanned through my experience with 2012. I wondered what was special in it? what it had given me?

The first things that struck my mind was the immense opportunity to work on a range of things from news reading to journal editing to managing day to day works at the office. But even more than the amount of work that she graced me with I believe it was the exposure to some core values of professional life that will continue to rekindle my thoughts and guide my actions through out my professional life.

Workplace as I came to know is something like an university where we try to use our knowledge within the limitations of the practicalities. Quite often principles and theories clash with realities of time in rather awkward way but it is interesting that some compromising theorems do come into picture and settle the nerves. Every time when such clashes occurred my so called principles took a back seat which in a way was like any ethical apocalypse.

In all of our journeys through the year each one us might have had our own incident of ethical apocalypse but it so happens that by the time we look back at them they seem quite normal and ever existing phenomenon. Quite  resoundingly the year graced me with some compromising character which is something new to me, which is something unlike me and representative of my deep seated fears.

I sincerely hope that for all of us the upcoming year will be victory over our untold fear. let the hope overcome our fears.




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