THE BORN PROTESTOR-Anger within her eyes

THE BORN PROTESTOR-Anger within her eyes

Yesterday evening I was listening to a Radio Program where the host was interviewing an anthropologist. As per the expert we humans are the best imitators in the animal kingdom. During the early stages of evolution imitation was one of the most important characteristics that humans exploited for survival. It was interesting to know that it is this very inherent characteristics of the supreme being that today almost all the metropolis and skyscrapers look the same including the copying of songs, dressing styles and every thing else that’s visible and expressive.

You might be wondering if the author got these statements way out of track, but I have this background to bring into light some long existing prejudice to womankind. Since our very childhood the story of segregation on basis of gender begins to takes shape. A son is probably given a gun, a football, a cricket bat or may me a guitar. But on the other hand his counterpart is given a doll, some fancy princess looking dress, toy kitchen utensils. Here the story of imitation starts. Our parents learnt it from their parents and I know I do have prejudice within me. I learnt it from the people around.

While she was handed over those things, unfortunately she was handed down with some extra sense of shame, the awkwardness, the vulnerability and extra care. Hence she was caged in some manly protection since her birth. My emotions for the “she” comes at the backdrop of recent incident of rape and abuse in various parts my home country Nepal. Various protest programs in different parts of the country are welcoming. But I think Its time that we protest our inborn qualities of imitation that made us aware about all the gender based differences. At my workplace I work with four adorable ladies. I share the same office space with them day and day out. I learn a lot out of them. I have not told them but I feel that they are the testament of the fact that “she” has already changed. But its time for the rest of us to change. Why should she change? For she is the change herself. The painting is mere pictorial manifestation of my protest for the Violence against women. The red and yellow colored eyes show that she is angry and ready to revolt. Our society has to have a structural change and let the change begin within. Let her out of the protection and of all the vulnerabilities.


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