The sagely building

The capital city of Kathmandu has been gripped by cold temperatures. For the last four days the minimum temperature has been below freezing. It was a bit a relief for most of city residents as the minimum temperature dared to rise above zero today. The shock and dismay at the faces of my fellow residents at the rather uncharacteristic weather pattern was not enough to allow me a second thought. It has since long been the center for excellence for all the Nepalese, its where the dreams take their flight, hopes meet their materiel self; its where the performer get their stage,determination get their tool  and love birds enjoy their romantic evening. Moreover a city of kisses and misses and of chance and unpredictability.

Unpredictability has different  version but its biosphere is sure big enough to include all the love stories that did not have a fairy tale end, all the divorces that had a promising start and all those pride that of the living and non living which failed to endure. Pride is often in its abstract self. But interestingly of late I have been able to see it stand helplessly.

On my way to my radio station I often pass through an old parliamentary building of the country. A majestic building then, a mere piece of craft now. While I grace the building with utmost respect for its past importance I just begin to wonder the amount of pride the building must have had. The one of its kind design, light yellow complexion, built in classic British design and some fantastic wood carvings at its front.

The building by no means is living. But as for me at least its just quiet, frustrated, irritable and unwilling to converse. Because it has been left unoccupied for long time now. The country has gone through revolutionary changes and in the meantime the country’s parliament increased in volume . So it was left to perish. The hurt pride I guess would be the right analysis for its quietness. The pride is seen hurt in its worn out paintings, its drowsy garden, dust laden window panes and most importantly its closed doors.

Frankly its a sagely building. Its teaching me about the harsh realities of time. Its quietness tells me that every rise will have its natural fall. Nothing persists in the permanency of change. The pride at the end is sometime or the other subject to embarrassing disrespect. Therefore it would be mere foolishness to boast of one’s achievement at present. It tells me that humility is the key word. Therefore let our success not overcome our humble self. Let the illusion be broken.


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