The bloodied pen

The bloodied pen

The revolution in field of information and communications brought about by upsurge of social networking websites has rekindled and reinforced the need and the fundamental nature of right to information. The world witnessed its sheer power during the Arab spring. Today we have access to  inherent details of such a lot of things that we often don’t realize the importance of it. Just recall how often have we have had to live without our mobile phones, internet, television or radio.

Recently in my country a rather disturbing incident of murder of journalist way back in 2004 has resurfaced where the perpetrators are believed to have buried a journalist alive. It is even more paradoxical to know that the country’s government itself it trying to manipulate the incident and influence the investigation into the case. The painting is just a mere protest of the painter towards such acts of the government. It simply talks about the life threatening obstructions that journalist around the world might have to face during the course of bringing the news to our knowledge. Looking at the news reader in a news channel things might seem glamorous but at the same time we should also be aware of the obstacles that might have to be overcome before the news is written. The painting is in its own little way a dedication to the journalist around who went down fighting just for purpose that you and I know the stories  behind the news.


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