They once had a love story

They never really had love story

“Love story”, the word itself sounds full of emotions, memories and most importantly the willingness of two human to transcend beyond individual differences together culminating into an omnipresent joy. Love story can sometimes be fictitious specially with regards to Nepalese and Indian film love stories. Where we can find music playing in the background, leaves flying past often with gentle breeze, everything going slow motion sometimes even slight drizzle amidst bright sun shine. Yes they might seem quite dramatic but it is in a way reflection of overpowering emotions of the people in love and their utmost desire to be together.

As humans we are all destined to some love stories of our own. Some may have materialized and some not. For me personally only those relationships that had fairly tale end that is they lived happily ever after account for a love story and those relationships that did not quite make it, interestingly does not make up for my definition of a love story. Which includes our infatuations and short term likeness for the opposite gender. While you read this you might be just recalling all those relationships, all the those moments shared with people you liked, you were infatuated or actually had a relationship and just for a moment might make you wonder if things could have been otherwise. I was actually inspired to write this particular blog from a friend of mine. My friend is worried, sad and emotionally moved that a long standing relationship may not just make it to a marriage. While I was trying to paint the emotion that my friend shared with me about the unjustified end to the relationship, I questioned my self, “Did they really have a love story?”, My heart said yes they did have a love story; they did have the emotions there. The painting here is in way my deepest respect for all those relationships that did not have a fairy tale end.

Who knows whose fault was that, just let it be may be it was just not the right time, may be your emotions were not that deep or may be there was different script for them all together. Don’t blame for who knows about the compulsions that he or she might have faced while he or she bid farewell to you.


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