I love you will you marry me

I love you
Its the month of February and love is in the air. For the love birds it almost feels spring, although the early morning chill and windy afternoon still keep the city temperatures down. “My friend” ,the protagonist of the earlier blog “They once had a love story”, is still sad. The friend is confused and really hurt by the latest developments in life. The friend had been tied up to marry somebody else. The deepening sorrow of the friend’s heart cannot be explained in words. But the friend feels that all love stories should have a fairy tale end.

As a Hindu, I strongly feel about the possibility of rebirth, so I decided to paint something that represents this possibility. The hands, one upon the other, suggests that they want to be together and keep the promises that they made to each other. But since my friend has realistically very little chance to see it happening for real in this lifetime, I thought the promise that they made to each and willingness to live together in this lifetime should have a romantic meeting in the next life. So the romantic tragedy of this lifetime I hope will have a fairy tale ride the next time they meet in the next birth. I believe that the lasting feeling and emotions for each other will transcend time and space and thereby the friend meets the love. In the next life probably all the forces that caused the separation will cease to exit and friend will have the chance to say ” I love you, will you marry me”. Then they live happily ever after.

I believe that all readers will have expressed their feeling for their love soon. In the Nepalese society more often ethnic, caste and religious differences act as hurdles to covert a love story into a lasting marriage. I guess its time for a paradigm shift.


7 thoughts on “I love you will you marry me

  1. Niraj I know how wonderful you write and paint. But I somehow disagree with your story. WIth no offense to the feeling of your friends, and taking this as a piece of art, I believe it would have been more beautiful if your friend found love in her new life. Waiting for another birth would mean that they will not find love in this life.. Just sharing my perspective though.
    You write great and touch the reader easily with your paintings. But I agree on the last para…… keep going!!

  2. (^__^) …I am so grateful that I have friends like you who write so beautifully .. but time heals everything and maybe things weren’t meant to be for ur “friend” because she is just too special and deserves someone better .. and I am sure she will have her fairy tale ending in this lifetime …with a guy who truly loves her for who she is …so she will definitely fall in love again .. and some lucky guy will get on one knee and tell her ” i love you, will you marry me ” and she will live happily ever after …:)

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