Will you be my Valentine?

valentine's day
On the eve of the Valentine’s day I made my way through the heart of Kathmandu,Newroad as I was on my way home from office. Newroad, a bustling marketplace stands guard to all the love birds in town. Its lane are for most of time filled with couples of all age groups from teenage to married. I cannot pretty much find the difference in the intensity of emotions that each couples of respective age groups have for each other, may be love transcends limitation of age and the emotions it manifests.

The subtle calm, enduring smile and just heavenly happiness of being with each other made me for once just enticed into having a relationship. As they went passed me some with arms around each other and some with their hands clinging on to each other I also got past some hawkers selling valentine gifts it was just a sea of unending love. Some boys looking for girly stuffs and girls looking for some hunk stuffs I guess the effect of the love in the air was pretty much evident in their changed interest at least for an evening. Moreover the dimness of the twilight hours seemed like as if the air had been intoxicated with all the love brewing in the city. May be the author was just about feeling sorry and lamenting on his single status.

As I got down to painting for some Valentine Special I wondered if the author will be able to realistically able present that fateful emotion and that is best that I could think of. Love generally comes with that feeling of togetherness and everlasting pledge to be together during the sunny and rainy days. No wonder the two people in the painting are reflecting the same emotion and requesting “Will you be my Valentine?”

Last Sunday I was in conversation with a good friend of mine and the friend had questioned me about the basis of paintings and writings especially on love relationships. I guess lot of it comes from my observation of people in love and my inquisitiveness to manifest their emotions. At last Happy Valentine’s Day to all the readers and well wishers.


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