I felt the drizzle in my arms

I felt the drizzle in my arms

Drenched in the evening like the morning calm

Out through the window are my eyes headed

Bloom the umbrellas like the spring calm.


The burning of the liquid and the moistening of the biscuit

The warmth consoles my wandering thoughts

The smell of the earth is all I owe

The freshness controls my bewildering thoughts.


Droplet after droplet is my mind faded

Freed of all the harm and enmity

I turn into a sage all of sudden

Freed of all chains of bound in vicinity.


I feel the need to go out and sing

Feel the water like a child at play

The mugs and the paper boats all out at day

Some where the deep seated fears are out to lay.


Washed with the drizzle are all the self, me and my

Exchanged with the rain are bucket full of shy

I live with hope of some lessened fear

I resort to gratitude to my dear


My eyes went through the storm and the hail

The trees danced like the jingle bell

The mercury got dropped in the early spring tale

Met the snow queen like the fairy tale


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