The Journey

The Journey

For all of us home is not only a structure but it is in fact a bed of emotions where we lay our insecurities to rest. It is in fact a protective cushion upon which we build our lives. But generally it so happens that the womankind continue to transcend the emotional structures of place called home and embark upon new journey to make a new house a home i.e. post her marriage. But that very characteristics of accepting a new place as a home and strike similar emotions with the new place as she had with her place of birth is worth a bow.

Similarly the lady in the picture looks back at the journey from marriage to till her old age and tries to recall the unending sacrifices that she made as she embodied new place and new relationship. She may be unwilling to speak and be modest about her actions but I think that she just felt that her life just constricted within the sea of expectations that each new relationships attached with her. Things might have been just opposite as well with the marriage her opportunities might have expanded. I cannot really tell the exact story of lady in between her marriage and her old self and readers are subject to their own interpretation regarding the meaning of the painting. But what I can firmly tell is that the lady of the house is always an unifying force trying to get all relations intact and working. Currently my country is midst of a deep political crisis as consensus has eluded since long. I was wondering if a woman Prime Minister is the need of the hour. (Written on the occasion of 103rd International Women’s Day)


6 thoughts on “The Journey

  1. A woman’s life is never free of challenges and struggles. We need more men like you who believe that patriarchy is not doing good for both men and women. We would not need a women prime minister, then. Nepali homes are becoming women headed, and very soon we will be a woman headed nation.

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