I will wait for her……

I will wait for her......

I think this will be my last couple of meetings with her, yes I am sad but I know she will remember me and I would like believe that she is also equally eager to meet me the next time. She …I mean the monsoon rain…she had come down heavily over the last couple of days in Kathmandu and I do fear of her ever reducing strength as the days pass by. Last Sunday Hindus across the country celebrated Nag Panchami (an occasion to worship the Snake God). That day after the religious ceremony was over, my mother told me about the importance of occasion and highlighted that the day marks the end of the monsoon and start of the winter and suddenly I begin to realize that it will be beginning of a long wait till the next monsoon. But the anticipation of the next meeting is always more humbling than the quintessential departure. My patience is the key, but I think every unavoidable instances of departure does build up to the romanticism of the next meeting.

My romantic relationship with the monsoon has been almost a decade long starting from my high school days when I chose to place my umbrella in the bag rather than use it during a downpour or a drizzle. Although for most of couple the rain would provide the perfect opportunity to walk alongside each other with their arms cuddled but in my case it was just a little different I just needed to get rid of the rain proof object to hold her in my arms. The approach had both a thrill and fear associated. The thrill was my opportunity to interact with her, pamper her, embody her freshness and tell her about my day’s happening, my sorrow, my deepest fears, my failures, my frustrations, my tears, my little ambitions and all about my day to day challenges. I tried to extend the conversation every possible way and in many of the occasion taking the longest route home was the most suitable option. Yes when it all started age could have been a factor but I guess my continued excitement of her seasonal presence transcends across time and space.

In the meantime it was not was long before my deepest fears were realized. Back home I had my mother waiting with a broom and interestingly my father with a towel. May be my father had an idea about my romantic relationship I cant say much but it was just one of those occasion I did not mind the scolding as I had just had a wonderful conversation with my lady love. I believe her greatest quality is her ability to pacify me and at least for a moment keep me away from all my fears, sorrow and anguish. The soothing effect of the drizzle or downpour is something that we might all have felt once in while unless we are not struck in damp condition or muddy pathway.

Arising from the Bay of Bengal, she might be saint of some sort or the enlightened one as she happens to be the life giving force to over billion South Asians almost enjoying a demi god status. As she touches the cultivable land then only does the plantation begins and all the greenery and colors come alive. She might just be our guardian angel and you know what…embracing her may just be equivalent to a dip into the Holy Ganges (a holy river for the hindus). While she inspires all the little buds to rise above mud and become one potent life giving plant my respect for her omnipresence quadruples. I can write a book about my love and adulation for her but despite that I know she cannot stay with me for long but never mind I will wait for her…

The girl in the picture also expresses her love and excitement for the rain as she embraces the drizzle with open arms. She feels at ease with the rain and expresses her emotions to the rain out in the middle of the road as the onlookers watch her in disbelief. The intermingled colors are representative of the outpour of her excitement and all her rejuvenated aspirations. The outbursts of emotions are sometimes difficult to handle as suddenly we are bereft of all the secrets within, which at times is scary. In painting she stretches her arms and feels devoid of all the emotions at least for moment she not thinking about the rest… she is at ease with her self and answerable to non…as if her inherent consciousness has just about decided to get washed with the monsoon rain…


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