Miracles do happen……

Miracles do happen......

Wow!!! A sense of achievement is almost addictive; enchantingly inviting and most importantly deeply satisfying after all it was no minor achievement, especially when it comes at the backdrop of some physical labor. Cleaning window panes, brushing off the algae from the walls, sweeping the floor and every other thing that I could do to clean the house, I will have to say that the satisfaction of completing this task was more satisfying than office work, because here there was no checklist to tick off the task, no deadlines, no performance evaluation, basically I had no one to prove non to disapprove, non to agree no one to disagree. It was simply me, the bucket laden with detergents, some ragged piece of cloth, a broom, an iron teeth brush and most importantly a cloud of dust to give me a “soothing company”. Despite the nature of work I was just happy and some incentives though a smile to carry off, some smile for which you simply don’t have to twitch the facial muscles.

The end of the day was more rewarding. I attended the Ncell Literature festival unlike some boring lecture sessions supplemented by some literary jargons it happened to be some meditative journey having graced prominent litterateurs of Nepal and India and quite often nodding my head in agreement or in difference. The vibrancy of the youth was evident there the term which I believe should in no way be limited to age. For me a mad excitement of something that transcends an individual, basically an epidemic thought, that aura that inspires other to act or think in the same manner is enough for a youthful nature. That was what I felt there, people of all age group full of life and thank god none had the geeky outlook marked by you know what I mean some ragged hair, overgrown beard, some sideways jute bags, over thinking maniacs who often sound introvert or pretend that way I don’t know.

The first session that I attended was of an upcoming Indian writer Mr. Ravindar Singh. During his interaction he was highlighting on the amplifying nature of happiness. It was then it occurred to me that I write a few lines myself on the elusive word called “happiness”. Happiness for me is like an omnipresent miracle and more than the surprise of it happening there is greater surprise for it be happening but yet not realizing that the miracle has happened. As humans we all have our own share of pain, anguish, frustrations, tragedies, sorrow and all the other emotions that one can think of explaining the sad part of one’s story. But despite all the emotional upheavals in life we still manage to gather our thoughts and head on now that’s a miracle. We still manage a smile somehow despite a grueling pain haunting us from within that’s miracle. We never stop longing for the elusive happiness despite continued companionship of sorrow at present that’s yet another miracle. What I would like to believe is that the eternal optimist within all of us is greatest proof of existence of miracle. We are all living miracle in flesh and blood trying to live normal lives despite our ability to perform miracles.

Well then miracles do happen. Meanwhile, sometime when I get asked “why are you so happy today?” , I find myself in a fix on what answer should I give in reply. I would like to believe that many a times being happy requires no reason. I am happy that’s it, lets not narrow the occasion of happiness into some reason. Festivities are much often the biggest celebration of happiness, when I say so I know you might completely disagree or absolutely agree with me. But lot of my friend might agree that the eve before the festival holidays are some time stopping moments when you want to believe that you can actually stop time and allow that moment to pause. I don’t know for whatever reason for me more than the holidays it’s the eve before it which is actually so worthwhile celebrating as you contemplate all the wonderful things ahead.

Currently my beautiful country is gripped up in festivities and more than the crowding of the marketplace the magical smile in the faces of people is indicative of its presence. Although all the faces that I come across in this hustle and bustle of the festival market may not be happy but I think festival does allow them a little oasis to forget all the pain for a moment at least and be in the gathering of near and dear ones.

Many a times the tragedy of happiness is that we often forget our great fall at the moment of that happy rise. The painting here represents a important part of Hindu festivity which is putting on a tika a celebration of happiness as manifested in the vibrant colors around. Happy festivities to all my friends.


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