Melbourne diaries: the shift…

Melbourne diaries: the shift...

Life has always been about the shift. Some strings of transition that nullifies the possibility of status quo. We transit from being happy at one moment and sad in the other which continues to and fro, while some other time we make a paradigm shift. It was February 25th, 2004 when I underwent one such shift that was to change my life forever. It was 8:50 am that fateful day when my father’s heart beat one last time. The shift was sudden but not totally unexpected and shook me like an 8 on the Richter scale. But shift is like an unwelcomed Santa it comes with bag full of uncertainty. Moreover uncertainty is like the beloved girl friend, I guess, whenever she is not around the miss is quite evident and when she is around…the wish… is to wait to miss her again. Some of the most inspiring stories are born out the ashes of uncertainty; they haunt, test and prevail. It is always great to discuss about being in one such situation over the afternoon tea but actually facing one is challenging.

Coming to Melbourne, was a great shift and the anxiety surrounding the new place, the uncertainty. But the early uncertainty has been worth an experience. Some familiar looking unfamiliar faces have become actually familiar now just helping me calm my nerves. In the land of unknown there is nothing more soothing than familiarity. But I have some idea about her erratic weather by now. She is almost like a poet, expelling the emotions as wind and rain every now and then. Hopefully we can do business. Melbourne as of now is my new friend whom I know by name but I am yet to have an extensive chat. We both are testing out each other and taking a feel of the other. It’s been a month since I first met Melbourne and we both have something in common we are both willing to explore new possibilities and we both are growing…Moreover I am thankful

The painting is the pictorial representation of the shift. The shift from Kathmandu to Melbourne…


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