Melbourne central


Melbourne Central


It’s just one fine Melbourne morning…the birds are chirping…having their usual conversation…about where will they be flying out today…wow!!!… that must be a privilege after all they have some free airplane tickets to begin with. They may as well be just expressing their excitement for rather exciting morning and thank god it’s a sunny morning for a change, given the last four days of rain…storm…hail storms….whatever you call…the sun’s up and glancing at my room and the tress are still, unlike usual days when they have to spend long hours bending in all possible directions…they finally have their moment of solace…they aren’t working out this morning, that’s it.
The sunlight, yes… it’s just light after all…the usual thing. But it has a motherly touch to it…it embraces, cuddles, pampers, inquires, comprehends, warms…sublimates my deepest fears, and anxiousness and photosynthesizes all our stored potential… as it lights up of our day to begin with and its omnipresence inspires everything that breathes, survives, thrives and effortful for existence.

A question, “what is light?” once fascinated scientist like Albert Einstein, Michael Faraday and James Maxwell. The answer as we know now, it is an electromagnetic wave and everything visible and invisible is by product of light. But more so the science of which tells us about the interwoven nature of electricity and magnetism. I am no physicist by the way… in case you are wondering the academic background of the author. I am the light itself like all of us, beaming and echoing the interwoven nature of emotions, survival and objective march to prosperity.
It’s been four months and four days ever since I landed in the city…and oh my…my!!! everything has happened with the speed of light. I left my country within a span of 17 days to begin with….started off with my class a day after I landed…then the course registrations…IDs, libraries….online stuffs…new friends…new modes of commute…new methods of learning…training your brain to think differently…and all in all a new way of life. But finally there’s break…as the gasp of air just leaves my lips.

A new country…a new city is much often an overwhelming experience. But Melbourne has been a true teacher and my good friend, getting the best out of me and helping me realize that there is something more to myself. Coming into an international city like Melbourne, the first thing that strikes is the freedom…is the liberty that the city provides and imbibes within its residents. But on the flip side it does not mean that I come from place where there is an authoritarian regime exits but certainly from a place where the thoughts are not allowed to become liberal, where thoughts are not allowed to become simplified. The other day I was talking to friend from Myanmar enjoying a cup of coffee, escaping the wind that seemed to be in a hurry to get some somewhere haphazardly flipping the umbrellas of all its bystanders. In the meantime, she shared something very interesting that it would not have been possible for her to talk to a guy in a coffee shop back in her home country. She said it with a smile that there would be shrewd eyes taking a keen interest on the mutual interests of the two in conversation. Looking back at that very fateful conversation I felt that although we both represent a democracy more specifically democracies in transition i.e. referring to the political transitions in Nepal and Myanmar, but democracy is not just enjoyment or exercise of political freedom but also a state of mind. Liberty by virtue of the word echo’s freedom in all direction but it’s also the liberty of mind and perception, where an individual by virtue of freedom of autonomy is able to enjoy the full potential. It’s a state of liberal self. What Melbourne has taught me is this very fact that a liberal self is patient, welcoming of thoughts and hence one is able to embrace different thoughts and ideologies in turn making the society at large more diverse but yet cohesive. An ideology once instituted in South Africa as a rainbow nation. So what Melbourne exudes is not just its history and culture but transfers its inherent thoughts of liberty not only enabling people to enjoy their full potential but also provide the opportunity to instigate a subjective liberal renaissance.

We are all free thinkers by the way…we are all birds cuddling the clouds but our thoughts are often guided and indoctrinated…but all it requires is a city enlightened where we can think beyond our indoctrination. Thus the painting is representative of a diverse society smiling and sharing a space in a cohesive manner… all the fingers have different sub function but together they strive for the same objective and more over the smile has the same interpretation.