Happy birthday!

Dear Rekha,
I was reading an article this afternoon in the Huffington post titled, “This is Why You Get to Celebrate Your Birthday Every Year”. As per the article it is very difficult to track who, how and when did the practice of celebrating birthdays start. But it is said that the Egyptians were the once who started the party. When a Pharaoh was crowned the pharaoh was considered to be transformed into a god. Hence the best guess is that celebration of pharaoh’s birth as a god began the culture of celebrating birthdays.

By this time you might be thinking that I have gone completely nuts and saying “who in the world would talk about the pharaohs while they are writing to their girlfriend”. If you think that I have made complete mockery of a very romantic birthday blog just hold on your thoughts.

Some of the common views about god in every religion are “the one who is omnipresent” and “the one who is omniscient”, simply somebody who is everywhere and knows all. Technically for me you have been omnipresent and omniscient ever since the time you and I started believing that two of us can think as we. In fact critiquing my former statement I can say that these emotions are mere manifestation of my love and emotions and hence have no implications what so ever in the real world.

Over the last two and half years you have been my omniscient god with whom I share all my things from professional frustrations to personal sorrow, from what would be my day like to what my day was like. I tell you about my problems and you quite surprisingly address them with ease. You surely know why I smile, when I smile and how I smile. You carefully listen to what I say and quite amazingly you can understand what is not being said. Simply you can read my thought hence there is no hiding anything from you and off course I do not feel the need to hide anything, because my omniscient god knows everything. I guess with the ability to read my thoughts I hope you pretty well know that you are always there in my thoughts. Hence, that makes you my omnipresent god. I am the luckiest guy in the world who can chat, meet, feed, pamper, and share deepest feelings and emotions and off course crack jokes with the god. In those terms, I am no saint but just the lucky one with a heavenly connection.

So allow me to celebrate this day as birth of my god. My cutie buntiiiii many many happy returns of the days.



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